SpoCache: Spokane’s Geocoin Challenge


We launch a new challenge every summer, the weekend after the 4th of July.

Our current challenge is the STAR Challenge:

Spokane Trains And Railroads

Come explore the rich railroad history in and around Spokane!

The STAR Challenge consists of 41 New Caches including two Virtual Reward caches - All Aboard!!



Save the Date!
The SpoCache FUN Challenge launches
July 5-7, 2019

Event Page Here

STAR Challenge FAQs:

  • Bookmark list can be found here: Spokane Trains And Railroads

  • All caches are divided into four lines: Green, Lilac, Red and Black

  • Plus one additional Fallen Star tribute cache not assigned to a line

  • You must fill out and complete the passport to earn a coin

  • To complete the passport you must:

    • Find 9 of the Green Line caches

    • Find 9 caches from one other line

    • Find 10 more STAR caches

      • This can include one STAR event and the Fallen Star tribute cache

    • Fill out the backside of the passport

  • The Black line has the most icons; it will take most cachers a bit longer to complete and includes a few hikes under a half mile

  • A WA State Discover Pass is needed for STAR L09: Cheney Train Crash of 1916 on the Lilac Line

  • Expect to take 7-9 hours to complete; your mileage may vary

  • All Puzzle caches are solvable on site

  • Cell service may not be available along all lines

  • One STAR Challenge geocoin per household

  • There are two versions of the coin available: Silver and Antique Gold

  • All finishers may purchase an additional coin for $15