SpoCache: Spokane’s Geocoin Challenge

FUN (Fantastic Unbelievable Nonsense) Geocoin Challenge Launches July 5th-7th!


The FUN Geocoin Challenge is kicking off with these events:

Friday July 5:
-SpoCache Scavenger Hunt 6:30-8:30pm
Saturday July 6:
-SpoCache Geochallenge Launch 9-10:30am
-Ice Cream Social 3-7pm
Sunday July 7:
-CITO and Farewell 9:30-10:30am


The STAR Challenge is still active, and we still have coins to earn!

Spokane Trains And Railroads

Come explore the rich railroad history in and around Spokane!

The STAR Challenge consists of 41 New Caches including two Virtual Reward caches - All Aboard!!



Save the Date!
The SpoCache FUN Challenge launches
July 5-7, 2019

Event Page Here

STAR Challenge FAQs:

  • Bookmark list can be found here: Spokane Trains And Railroads

  • All caches are divided into four lines: Green, Lilac, Red and Black

  • Plus one additional Fallen Star tribute cache not assigned to a line

  • You must fill out and complete the passport to earn a coin

  • To complete the passport you must:

    • Find 9 of the Green Line caches

    • Find 9 caches from one other line

    • Find 10 more STAR caches

      • This can include one STAR event and the Fallen Star tribute cache

    • Fill out the backside of the passport

  • The Black line has the most icons; it will take most cachers a bit longer to complete and includes a few hikes under a half mile

  • A WA State Discover Pass is needed for STAR L09: Cheney Train Crash of 1916 on the Lilac Line

  • Expect to take 7-9 hours to complete; your mileage may vary

  • All Puzzle caches are solvable on site

  • Cell service may not be available along all lines

  • One STAR Challenge geocoin per household

  • There are two versions of the coin available: Silver and Antique Gold

  • All finishers may purchase an additional coin for $15